Hades Online: Succubus

And here it is!

I'm really proud about this Gamelit / LitRPG adventure and the work we've put with my friend A. A. ROI. Meet Zephyros and his sexy, smoldering succubus get caught in precarious situations...

I was born into the virtual game of Elysium. Now they expel me to the real world!

I'm Zephyros and I’ve lived my entire life inside the virtual world of Elysium, but when I hacked the mainframe server, the overseer banished me to the real world.

The real world is far crazier from what I expected it to be: Full of fantastical creatures and demons, but hey, I found the girl of my dreams. She’s a sexy, smoldering succubus. The only problem is that I must kill her if I want to return to Elysium.

What will I do? Kill her and return to the virtual world of Elysium or betray my clan, my new friends and sacrifice my only chance of return?

Zephyros has lived his entire life inside Elysion, a virtual game world, where most of humanity lives without physical bodies. Elysion is located within an orbital satellite, called Space Hades. The only currency in Elysion is the processing power a user can harvest from the mainframe server (computer). Based on the user’s allocated processing power, a user lives in different levels. The higher the level, the more things he can do. Due to overcrowding however, most of humanity lives in the lower level of Elysion where their minds become idle, as no processing power is allocated to them and remain in a state of dormancy.