Hades Online: Succubus 2 cover and blurb

Ok, I'm really exited about this one. I think the second cover is much better than the first one and it has a darker tone, one the second book will have. 

I am Zephyros, outcast and lawbreaker, now sentenced to worst punishment my judges could serve – to become a disposable soldier made to die in war against the enemy, the demon lords. So, who could have thought that I could overcome my punishment to become the greatest warrior of the Emissaries of Elysium and the leader of a team of the four of the sexiest woman warriors on Earth?

I have now obtained more than I could possibly wish for, but of course, there is always a catch. You see I’ve fallen in love with our greatest enemy, a sexy, smoldering succubus, and as every soldier in the Emissary army is, my mission is to kill her, whatever the cost.

Torn between the demoness I love with all my soul and my team, my army, all humanity, how am I going to decide where my loyalty lies? Will it be with my quartet of gorgeous and deadly warrior women who have placed their trust and their most carnal desires in me, or with my utterly enthralling succubus lover?

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