Chapter #3: Vampire's Plaything

The effects of the paralysis start to fade. I perform a Hit Point check immediately. My HP is 9/22. Better being half dead than entirely dead. I wonder what happens when you die in this world. You respawn as undead zombie? That was the case in one former game experience I played.

“Wake up,” a sweet, friendly voice urges me. It’s hard to resist.

Slowly, I open my eyes, but my vision is still blurry. Fuck, I’m still inside the cavern, tied up now. I wonder what happened to my vampire friend, Nestor.

“Don’t worry,” Ambrosia reassures me with her warm, buttery voice. “Your master is in good hands.” She points with her index finger the ceiling and I see him hanging with his head down, tied up with silver chains and a wooden stake shoved into his heart. “You know, me and Nestor were very close in the past. I could never harm him or his playthings.”

The tooltip notifies me that my friend is paralyzed, but still alive.

I get another notification: You have been Charmed.

“I thought that you wanted to kill him,” I tell her. My vision becomes clear now and I can clearly see her. And by the Great Administrator, she’s truly gorgeous. Her skin is white pale and waxy, perfect like an expensive avatar. Everything is flawless, her face, her hair, her purple eyes.

She approaches me and sniffs my bruised, naked chest. Like a hungry cat, she purrs near my ears, then goes down and licks my bloodied wounds. My face becomes red and I moan softly from the pain.

She stands up and looks at the hanging Nestor. “Now, it’s time the ritual begins!” She claps her hands from amusements.

Although paralyzed, Nestor is still able to talk. Probably because he’s no ordinary vampire, but a lord. “Ambrosia, you idiot. I don’t know who this guy is.”

“Oh, really?” She hisses back at him, then stares me. “Tell me child, what’s this guy to you?”

“He’s my friend, Nestor,” I tell hell in absolute naturalness, emphasizing the word ‘friend’.

“I knew it,” Ambrosia grins smugly.

“The fool has been charmed!” Nestor moans, still in pain from the silver and the stake.

“Take him,” Ambrosia orders the two ghouls that had attacked me earlier.

They jack me and pull me under Nestor. Then, two other ghouls turn the pulley and lower him, till our heads are a few inches away.

“Vampires who take particular interest in a mortal being, may allow the human to take a test of their own blood. This ritual is seldom practiced. In fact, Lamia, our previous Vampire Queen forbid it. I know only of a few vampires that would dare to do something like that and she would punish them in the most agonizing way.”

“What happened to her?” I dare to ask, while staring my friend hanging above me.

“Nestor and a few others raided her Vampire Castle and killed her. Several of my comrades met the same fate. I was wise enough to retreat with my ghouls and some of my vampire warriors. Those who stayed back, became ash and fertilize the soil now.”

“Well, what does all this have to do with me? If there’s a ritual that needs to be performed, then go on. I like Role Playing, but I’m getting a little bit bored right now.”

“Silence,” she commands me, and I obey. For some reason, I cannot resist her.

A new notification again: You have been Dominated!

“Untie him,” she orders her ghouls and that’s what they do.

Free from my shackles now, I wait for her next command patiently, as her loyal servant.

“It is said, that when a mage drinks the blood of a vampire, vampiric magic permeates their blood and their own being. I’ve never seen it and it’s hard to find mages here, but you could be the ideal candidate.”

“Glad I could be of help!” I give her my sexiest smile.

“Stand still, raise your head and open your mouth.”

Reflexively, I obey her to the best of my abilities.

She approaches and with her forefinger cuts the throat of Nestor. Dark red blood gushes out in surges and falls inside my mouth. Thick and strong, the cool, salty liquid flows down my throat.

“Drink it,” She commands me again and I gulp desperately, trying now to leave a single drop go wasted.

After a few moments, I’m inside a pool of blood, but the stream is slower now, weaker. To my surprise, Nestor’s cut has been slowly healing and he’s still alive. Well, technically speaking, he is dead, but you get what I mean.

I feel my stomach ready to burst, then a coldness expands throughout my body, reaching the fingers of my limbs. My Neural Control Interface notifies me: Vampiric Bloodline obtained. I dismiss it and I get a second one: You obtained Darkvision.

Ok, that’s cool. Now I get to see clearly inside this dark cavern.

“Do you feel different now?” Ambrosia asks me with her warm voice.

“No, but I obtained Darkvision,” I tell her, while staring at her heaving chest.

“Good boy,” she praises me. “I thought that Nestor had preference only for girls, I didn’t know he likes men as well. Let me tell you a secret, he hates others touching his playthings.”

“Good to know,” I smile back at her, my lust in my crotch reaching a new level of hardness.

“Strip off your clothes,” she encourages me.

I do as I’m told. I can’t and I don’t want to resist her dominating voice. Now I stand before her, naked with my hands over my privates. I shallow hard, as she approaches me.

“Don’t cover yourself, I like watching my pets fully exposed.” She grips me from my neck, and I whimper softly. “I will take my time with you, before your master. I’ll enjoy every inch of your body.”

I know that all possible escape if futile and the only thing I can do is exhale in submission. She bites my wrist gently. As her sharp fangs pierce my skin, a few beads of blood come to surface and she darts out her tongue to capture them. “It reminds me of Nestor’s, but better,” she tells me. “I might actually enjoy it this.”

Then, she moves behind me and plunges her fangs inside my neck. I groan from the cold pain, but the vampire kiss’ drags swiftly inside me and my vision becomes blur. A heat grows down below, causing me to harden even more. Precum gathers at the tip of my fully erect member and Ambrosia starts playing with it. Quickly, I understand that the kiss serves as aphrodisiac and it’s such a wonderful tool to dominate someone.

“You want release?” She mocks me.

I nod in response.

“Too bad, you’ll have to wait, till I’m satisfied with you.”

She strips off her clothes before me, and her servants. She descends down, and her hot mouth envelops my shaft entirely. Her lips tight around me as she sucks me off. Her eyes look up at me, and I can feel her tongue swirling rhythmically. Never in my virtual life I’ve sensed such shudders throughout my avatar. I exhale in pleasure.

Suddenly, she withdraws and tells me to lie down. I do as I'm told and she lowers her body and takes in my shaft. She embraces me tightly, as she starts rocking her hips. I close my eyes and let myself soak into the feeling of her body. My chest rises and my breath quickens, as my mistress starts to moan. Her hands grip her own breasts as she bounces on top of me, becoming wetter and tighter around.

I take the opportunity to take action. I shift her to the floor and fuck her aggressively. Her servants’ and Nestor’s gaze shift as we both adjust, watching our every move. It takes her only for a few moments before she contracts around my member, her sharp nails now digging into my flesh as she exclaims “I’m cumming!” Her eyes shut tight.

I twitch inside her for a few moments, then I withdraw and shoot out my seed all over her trembling body. She screams and ecstasy rocks her entire being.

“Did I assist you master?”

“Yes, you did,” she tells me while staring at Nestor with a smugly expression.

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