Chapter #8: The road to Lycia, pt 2

It has been days since our battle with Melissa. Ambrosia keeps stalking me and from time to time, she keeps harassing me. I can’t blame anyone but myself for what happened. I was the one who proposed this and now I pay the price of my foolishness.

We haven’t encountered anything but goblins these days, which helped me upgrade a bit and now I’m Threat Level 3, HP 28. Still, I’m no match for most opponents and the only thing I can easily kill is low level goblins. Ambrosia keeps pushing me fight those tiny creatures, so that I level up and be a ‘strong pet’, as she calls me.

I haven’t mentioned that she becomes restless by the day, having days to taste soft and pudgy flesh, but only mine. You see, she refuses to drink goblin blood and yesterday she decided to take a bite out of me.

She told me, “My, aren’t you tasty?” As she grappled me and had her time with me.

My HP decreased momentarily from the bloodsucking, but thankfully, my vampiric bloodline comes handy as it helps me heal pretty fast. It seems I don’t need to drink blood to replenish my strength and I don’t have any weaknesses. On the other hand, I don’t have the powers a pureblood vampire has. I’m left to wonder however, if this will be the case as I keep leveling up. There has to be a catch.

As the sunlight inflicts damage to my vampire entourage, we travel only night. I don’t mind though, as it is the same for me. Dark Vision helps me see clear as daylight.

Ambrosia looks at me with a drooling face. “I’m hungry!”

I know what will follow, but I keep looking the other way as I tell her, “Soon we’ll reach the city of Tlos, then Patara, the royal capital of Lycia.”

Her face becomes paler than usual. “Are you sure you want to go there? The whole kingdom of Lycia is unrest from the recent events. Alastor, the Demon Lord that rules these lands is a cruel and strong man. He killed my former master, Lamia, the Vampire Queen of Pedasa and now gathers a great army to fight the Undead King of Lycaonia. I must warn you though, since he came into power, devilish creatures emerged, making even creatures as such as vampires look gentle and kind.”

I keep wondering if Alastor and Sarpedon are Players, just like me. It will be interesting to meet them and see how this story progresses.

“So what else can you tell me about this Alastor?” I ask her.

“He is, was actually the fifth prince of Lycia. His two elder brothers died, and Nestor, the third in line was considered dead. Pero, the fourth in line reigned for two years, till Alastor killed him and took over the throne. That’s how much I know, but all of these Lycians are evil and bloodthirsty. What man would kill his own brother. Their devilish bloodline will bring doom to all of Anatolia. Of that, I’m pretty sure,” she tells me with certainty.

I dare to ask, “How strong is this Alastor that makes even a Vampire Lord as you shiver?”

Ambrosia grunts upon listening the foolishness I just said. “I’ve lived decades mortal, don’t you dare mock me again or you’ll pay it dearly.”

I nod agreeably, waiting for her to continue.

“He is strong, stronger than any creature I’ve ever encountered in my long life. Stronger than my master, Lamia. He ventured into her chambers, killed her and her elite guard single handedly. He had powerful friends with him, a demoness and a necromancer. They stormed the Vampire Castle with Nestor and killed most of the vampires and Vampire Lords. I was wise enough to retreat with two other Vampire Lords. We were the only which were spared. Not of Nestor’s benevolence though, but because of our cunningness. Alastor left soon after and headed back to Lycia with his dragon or so I know. He left Nestor behind to act as lord of Pedasa. Things have been worse for us since he took over control. The bastard drank the blood of Lamia before Alastor killed her and gained some of her powers. Even though he was the weaker and younger of the Vampire Lords, he obtained great power. Now he’s the one who plagues Pedasa.”

You Adventurer’s Log has been updated, I’m notified.

More questions come into my mind now. “Isn’t Pedasa a city of the kingdom of Caria? How is it that Alastor, a king of another kingdom decided who the lord there is?”

Ambrosia nods and keeps explaining. “Pedasa indeed belongs to the kingdom of Caria formally, but because of Lamia plagued these lands for centuries, Caria had no real control. I heard that Nestor tries to bond ties with the Carian Throne, but who would believe a Vampire Lord? No one dares to come to Pedasa. Which begs the question, how did you came and what was your business in Pedasa?”

I take a deep breath and start explaining everything to Ambrosia. She listens carefully to me, but doesn’t understand much of what I’m saying. Well, it’s the usual reaction I’ve been waiting. In all of the game worlds I’ve been, the NPCs never believe where the Players come from and think we’re mad. It makes sense plot-wise as this would ruin the experience.

Suddenly, she grabs me by the neck. “Stop,” she orders. I know it’s about time she feeds on me. Well, it was about time. But no, that’s not the reason she silences me. I hear clatter of horses and men fighting.

I understand that there’s a battle taking place in front of me. Black knights, pillaging and attacking unarmed merchants. Strange, usually raids take place during daylight.

“We have to help them,” I tell my vampire friend.

She seems amused for some reason I cannot understand, but quickly agrees to my demand. “I’ve been dying to taste something else. Let’s help those merchants… for now…” she smiles wickedly.

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