Vampire sorcerer: A Fantasy LitRPG (Hades Online Adventure)

I was born and lived inside a virtual game world, till I was tricked by the Great Administrator and got kicked out to the Real World for my bad mouth!
I am Athanasios, a citizen of the virtual game world of Elysium. The world I'm living in, is a paradise or that's what everyone says. It's boring and all day I'm forced to play games like Tetris to mine virtual coins. That's the only way to buy new avatars or expand my dungeon tower, the only two things that actually matter to me.
However, everything changed when I received a strange message saying I can try a new game experience. But there was a catch! Instead, I was tricked and transferred to the real world. Things aren't that much different from the virtual world: Goblins plague the villages, dragons tear down cities and adventurers try to loot dungeons. 
In fact, this world is better than expected! So realistic and not to mention that for the first time in my gaming life, I managed to multiclass from level-1. You see, I drank the blood of a Vampire Lord by mistake and became a vampire mage once I got here. The problem is that I wasn't meant to drink his blood and now he and his minions hunt me. At least, most of them identify as hot, so no reason to complain on that either. What troubles me however, is that there's no exit button from the Real World and the only way to get back to my world is by finishing the missions I was tasked.
Warning: This novel contains harem elements, strong language and graphic violence.

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