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10 Productivity Tools Every Writer Should Know About

In the short amount of time that I began writing my fictional books, I gradually saw an increase in word count. To be more precise, when I first started writing my first novel, I couldn’t write more than 300 words per day. But now, I average around 2,000 words per day, and sometimes I even reach up to 6,000 words. On average, I write 50,000 to 60,000 words per month when working on my fictional stories, and it goes without saying that this wouldn’t have been possible without the tech I'm using. Here's an extensive list of all the tools that helped me improve my productivity. Tenkeyless Keyboard In conjunction with the standard keyboards that include a Numpad, I find Tenkeyless keyboards much more efficient. The absence of extra keys helps me reduce the distance I need to move my right hand between the mouse and the keyboard. And guess what! It’s easier to position my hand back correctly without needing to look. It might seem trivial, but during editing, you have to repeat this