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Trials, Triumphs, and Lessons Learned from 8 Successful Video Game Releases and 3 Humbling Failures

In June 2021, I made a decision: I would create my very first game and more specifically a yaoi visual novel. It all started when I stumbled upon the 2021 Yaoi Jam page on And like a fairytale, my game dev journey started. This wasn't my first attempt at making a visual novel. In the past, I had tried to create visual novels with two different teams, only to see each project collapse when the team leads abandoned them. It was disheartening to witness everything crumble, with no one left to carry on those projects. Drawing from my experience in project management from previous jobs, I knew I could step up as the project lead for this new endeavor. However, a leader without a team is powerless, so my first order of business was to start searching for a team. How my game dev journey started -- The story behind "The Prince's Heart". The home screen of " The Prince's Heart" visual novel. Since visual novels are narrative-heavy games, I needed a capab