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The Best Marketing You Can Do for Your Game Is to Make It Great!

It all started with my decision to forgo social media for my indie game dev projects back in 2020... If you're an indie game developer, you've probably came face to face with the following dilemma: Which social media platform to use to promote your game. Websites and social media platforms often dominate the landscape, seaming serving as the only go-to tools for reaching out to your audience and building a community. Also, experts of all kinds will tell you that you need to have a presence everywhere since everyone is doing it. Prior to Covid-19, I can't recall a social media platform where I didn't have a presence. I was everywhere; however, as time passed I started questioning the effectiveness of social media, and for a valid reason: creating content for most social media platforms now brings limited (if any) organic reach and impact. At the same time, you need to be kept up to date with algo updates and changes. An account that appears successful one day can vanish

Low fidelity games aren't low quality

Laios: The protagonist of Parallel Pulse In the gaming world, there's a common misconception that low fidelity (lo-fi) games lack quality compared to their high-fidelity counterparts. Let me set the record straight based on my own experiences as an indie developer. If you're aiming to create a profitable game, sometimes embracing low fidelity is your best bet. Think of fidelity like the type of road you choose to build: just as you can have both high-quality and poorly maintained dirt roads, so too can you have highways that range from impeccably smooth to dangerously neglected. The key difference lies in the level of fidelity. What I'm getting at is that specific niches in the gaming market don't mind if your game employs low poly graphics or simple 2D designs, as long as the game loop or story captivates them. Let's first define what we mean by low fidelity games. These types of games typically feature simpler graphics, fewer animations, and a minimalistic design.