Hades Online: Succubus 3 (A Fantasy Harem)

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I am Zephyros, once the most famed of the raiders of the emissary army, till they found out I was also working for the other side and I lost everything: My harem of deadly warriors, my succubus lover and the trust of my superior, the great General Amyndas.

But now, I’ve been given a chance to redeem myself. Why? The tide has turned and my general is desperate for all the help he can get and I’m not in a position to turn his offer down.

Now that I’m out of my succubus’ lover influence – or so my commander believes – me and my team have orders to fight our way to the demon-controlled part of the city of Komana, and kill my incredibly powerful succubus lover and her even more powerful ally, the Grey Witch, in order to atone for my crimes. If you think that’s a suicide mission, you’re about half right.

But maybe, just maybe, there’s a way for me to get out of this without being killed for one kind or treason or another. I mean, this world isn’t going to throw more surprises at me, is it?

Warning: The novella contains explicit sex scenes, a harem, adult situations, light gamelit / litRPG elements, graphic violence, mind blowing scenes, a lustful succubus and sizzling hot women. You have been warned, read at your own risk!