How to Draw Manga Hair

The way you understand how to draw manga hair can easily make or break your drawing. Hair can be tricky because it is very erratic and random, but here are some hints.

Drawing Strands of hair

The more details you put into the hair the more complex your drawing will look. Depending on the style you want try to balance out the details. DO NOT draw these strands slowly, they are supposed to be quick fluid lines you do in one motion. When you do one line don't stop, do the next line immediately and the next so that you build up muscle memory to draw them closely together without having them cross into each other.

Know Where the Hairline is

Drawing bangs is a 'cop out' because artists don't like figuring out where the hairline is and manga has conditioned us to see characters without bangs as unattractive. you can be like everyone else or you can be aware of this and practice drawing characters without bangs.

Hair Variety

There are so many types of hair you can draw. Don't keep drawing the clicked straight hair, with bangs every manga character has. Look around you and do something different, it'll make your character unique.

Hair Mistakes

Hair is a very stylized aspect of manga, but there are some things you can and should avoid.


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