Character Creation for Manga

 Brainstorming OCs (Original Characters)

OCs are quite fun to brainstorm from your stories or just for fun. Here are some things to think about whilst making up your character.


Not everyone should be the same age. Consider drawing older characters and children.


There just isn't enought genuine diversity portrayed in manga, so consider that.


Not all characters are the same height


What do they like to wear.


A genuine flaw that holds them back. Avoid fake flaws that are insignifican.


Really think out something special. Dont add fake dept such as killing off their parents. Everyone does this, it's a lazy way to force someone to have sympathy for your character.


Avoid the character stereotypes you want to mimick in your favorite manga or anime.


Get into your character's head and consider why they are the way they are. Environment, friends, hobbies, etc.

Character Stereotypes

Character creation is a very tricky process. Don't follow any particular character guidelines, because you want to make your characters unique and there are a lot anime stereotypes that we tend to copy without realizing it. Stay away from these types of characters, we've seen them a million times and they are becoming cliched and boring


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