How to Draw Manga Clothes

 Dress for Success

When dressing your characters, don't skip out on the details. Think about the details that will make them more convincing such as:

  • Seam links
  • Folds
  • Buttons
  • The Little Things

Also avoid dressing characters in plain shirts and pants. If possible try experimenting with actual fashions of the day.

Drawing Folds

Folds are something you learn to do by observation, adn the amount of folds usually depends on style. However you should draw an ppropriate amount of fold lines to convey tension in clothes and cloth. Any place where the body bends there should be a fold line such as under the arms, knees and hips.

How to Use Folds

Fold in clothes are important so don't forget about them. You can use them to convey motion and make a pose appear more dynamic. Look at clothes people wear around you and observe the different lines you can make.


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