Manga Characters in a Scene

Drawing Characters Together

I encourage you to draw characters in the same scene. It make a drawing more interesting. When you do remember to check a few things to make sure they look good.

Horizon Line

If you are a daring artist and actually bother to do group scenes with a crowd in the background or just characters milling about, you need to know this trick. The horizon line, is the where the camera/eye is leveled with the scene, be it up near the head or near the feet. Observe the differences in these scenes. If you draw this line, no matter how far or close the characters are the line should cut through the same part of the body for all of them. Observe the differences in the example.

Babies with Adults

A very rare scene in manga art, but some artists like drawing adult characters with children or babies. Make sure not to under exaggerate the size of the baby. Too often i've seen proportions where teh baby's head is so tiny it looks like a still-born. Try avoid this and consider the age of the baby to make it more convincing. Also remember babies have large foreheads with their eyes low to the chin.


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